Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Center Pieces

This year I decided to update my Dinning Room table center piece, with the help of Pinterest of course.

I loved all the glass containers with ornaments in them, like in this Pinterest Pin.
Since I have a bunch of glass vases, I decided to use those and to add some Christmas floral to them. So I used the ornament in a glass container as my Pinspiration, but also got a little bit more creative.

I started with a plain glass vase and filled it with plain ornaments I found at the dollar store:
Next I added some very glittery Christmas floral (from Michael's) to the vase:
Then I placed it on a gold platter (also from Michael's), added some ribbon, hot glued some of the floral, ornaments and cinnamon scented pine cones to the platter:

Here is the front view:
Here is the back view:

I did make two for my table, still not sure if I love the two of them there together. I might move one to another table, but I'm not sure because it is starting to grow on me.

I did veer off of the original pin, but since it was my inspiration I will still call this one another success.

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