Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Organizing Hair Accessories

My Pinterest inspiration for the first part of organizing my hair accessories and make-up drawer was from this pin:
I have a lot of hair ties and sometimes it's hard to find a certain color or even just a black one in the current black hole drawer. I went on the search to find carabiner clips, and the cheapest I could find out and about were about $2.00 a piece. Since I wanted two or three of them, this option could add up fast. So I came up with a more cost effective solution. Shower curtain rings. I found a pack of 10 for $1.25 at Family Dollar. That makes each ring about 12 cents! Now I can easily find any color and have them all in one place.  

The next part of organizing was to get all of my bobby pins out of the bottom of my drawer and into some organized container. My next project was inspired from this Pinterest pin:
I really thought this was an ingenious idea. The bobby pins fit perfectly in the Tic-Tac container and with the opening that is already in the container, the bobby pins are easy to get to. The only problem I have with this solution is the cost. I paid $1.27 per container of Tic-Tacs. I thought Tic-Tacs cost like 50 cents? I was not aware of the Tic-Tac inflation epidemic. 

My first two Pinterest projects were pretty successful. To be fair this was an easy start. I will post my final storage solution for my hair accessories and make-up drawer and the new and improved look for the drawer in my next post. 

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