Thursday, August 2, 2012

Organizing the Hair and Makeup Drawer

The last bit of this week's Pinterest project is organizing my Hair and Makeup drawer. I will remind the viewers of the ridiculousness...
I wanted to find a cheap and inexpensive way to organizing this drawer, I found a few Pinspirations (Pinterest Inspirations pins): 
It looked like the best solution for this criteria was a utensil holder. The one in the picture on the left is from Target and I really liked it, it costs $9.99. I was going to buy it and use this as my organizer, until I found these gems at the dollar store. Thank you back-to-school time.
With a little imagination, some hot glue, and a handy husband (Thanks Honey!) to use a metal grinder and take out a few sections for me, I have a beautiful $4.00 solution, that I could customize to fit the exact way I wanted it to fit. 
And now for the big reveal (drum roll please)...
Looks great right? Well the only problem is now I can't find anything. You would think that organizing would simplify my life, but instead it looks like I thrive in chaos. So with time I will determine if this was a Pinterest success or a fail. Right now it's a fail. :P

1 comment:

  1. Great idea. I love that the organization tool is inexpensive. Many times the cost of organizing is too much to bother with.