Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Costume

Since we have been with child, my husband and I haven't dressed up for Halloween. We haven't been to many Halloween raves since our son has been around. Not that we have been to any raves, we are kinda lame, but that's not that point.

This year, thanks to a great Pinspiration, I, along with my husband decided to get into the Halloween Spirit. We mostly used what we had around the house, but did make a few small purchases at the craft store. Here is the the Pinspiration for my costume of a Human Pinterest Board... (Blog here)

I thought this costume was unbelievably perfect for this year, since I am doing the 52 Week Pinterest Challenge. I had mostly everything I needed to make this costume, I just purchased a sheet of foam board so that it wouldn't be as heavy as using a cork board. I did add a few of my own pins on my board, so I was a walking advertisement.
Here is a little closer picture of the board. All I used was foam board, ribbon, printed on card stock paper, hot glue (for ribbon), tape and push pins. Mostly items I had around the house.
My costume was a huge hit around the neighborhood, so it was another Pinterest Success!

And now for the rest of the family's costumes. Here is my husband's costume, he went as Ryan Lochte. And my son who went as a Cowboy. Looking good boys!


  1. I bet hubby was COLD!!! want a year to wear a actual florida costume!

  2. I was cold until I went numb. Then all was well!