Friday, November 9, 2012

Organizing the Pantry

This week has been a week of full force organization. I have even inspired friends of mine to full force organize this week. I'm glad I have started the organization movement. I think after this week, I'm OK with whatever messes are lurking in the other closets around my house. I mean if I organized everything, what would I do for the next 37 weeks?

Here are the scary before pictures of my pantry and spice\can food cabinet...

The major problem in the pantry were all the small appliances, but now that I have moved them to the extra space in the linen closet, things are looking up. And some of the food did get trashed because it was hella expired, so that cleared up some room too.

My Pinspiration for organizing my pantry come from these two pins...

It seems the main idea for organizing a pantry is canisters and bins. Since we are trying to get all the processed food out of the house and we are buying more whole foods, I love the canister idea. It's much nicer than the bags of rice, beans, nuts, oats, granola, etc. The only down fall is all those canisters can get pretty expensive. So I started with a small collection from Walmart and Ikea, but even then, the total was still about $40.00. With time I will add more, and I will add those nice wicker bins, instead of the plastic ones I found for a dollar at Walmart. I don't want have to move to the poor house and organize all over again. :P

Here is the final product of all my organizing hard work this week...

They don't look as nice as the Pinterest Pins, but they are more organized and much easier to find things. Really both the pantry and the cabinet just needed a little TLC. So another Pinterest Success!

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