Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

This past week Xander (my two year old) and I have been going around the community and performing random acts of kindness. This Pinterest Inspiration come from this blog. CLICK ME.

Our first random act of kindness was inspiration by the main Pinterest Pin, giving a little thank you to our mailman. Don't mind the super dirty and rusty mailbox, I like to think of it as vintage.

Our next random act of kindness was to place a few dollars around the kid's section of the Dollar Store (also an idea from the Blog). I put a $1.07 in Ziploc baggies to cover the tax of the toy too. I tried to put all the bills at eye level of a child, so it would be a fun find for a kid.

We also borrowed this random act of kindness from the Pinterest Pin. Xander and I delivered cookies to the Fire Station. This one was my favorite, more because we got to see their reaction. They were so thankful, they even let Xander see the Fire Truck and gave us a goodie bag with fire safety activity books.

Xander didn't really want to be away from Mommy, so he isn't too thrilled in this picture. But he LOVED the fire truck when I was with him.

We also went through the drive-thru at Starbucks and treated the car behind us to a coffee. Again, we didn't get to see their reaction, but the cashier sure seemed shocked with our random act of kindness.

Xander and I also deep cleaned my husband's car. This random act of kindness was for my husband, but I'm sure the community will appreciate the cleanliness driving around town.

This week was really fun, and I hope to continue to do more random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season. Another Pinterest Success!


  1. For years when I drive over the sunshine skyway bridge I pay$1 for the car behind me. fun!!!

  2. Love the $1.07 in the dollar store! Awesome!!!

  3. This inspired me, thanks!

  4. Cute ideas, I decided to do some RAK for my 30x30 & these are definitely helpful :)

  5. Love these ideas! Gonna do the dollar store one soon. :)