Saturday, October 13, 2012

DYI Reusable Fabric Softener Dry Sheets

My last pin for this week of Laundry Fun Pins, was to try out this Pinterest Pin for do-it-yourself reusable fabric softener dry sheets. Found here. This Pin says that this works as good as a dryer sheet, with less waste.
The directions are really simple. You fill up a spray bottle (I reused a Windex Bottle) with one cup of Fabric Softener and the rest with water. Spray about 3 - 4 sprays on a clean rag and throw it in your dryer. And no static and nicer smelling laundry.
I was a little weary that this might not work, so I spritz the rug about 10 times. And I am going to call this a Pinterest half Success, half Fail. I don't think there was much static, but I also don't think that my laundry smelt any more fresh than not using it. The Pinterest Pin never said it was going to smell any nicer, but when I use a dryer sheet, my laundry smells very fresh. I think maybe with a few more spritzes this might be a little more fragrant. So I'll call this one a draw.

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