Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 11 Theme...

Now that I have revealed the laundry room renovation, I thought a great segue for this week would be laundry pins.

I am going to try this famous homemade, all natural laundry detergent that everyone and their mother seem to be pinning on Pinterest. The detergent is suppose to work in top loaders and high efficiency washers as well. This detergent will bring the cost of doing laundry to under a penny per load. That just seems ludicrous, but I have high hopes for this recipe.

Another Pinterest Pin I am going to try is DIY reusable fabric softener dryer sheets. I always forget to throw in a dryer sheet, so this Pinterest Pin might not make it past this week.

Lastly,  I have an old fashion top loader washing machine, and I am going to try a laundry Pinterest Pin to get it super clean. I feel like a washer machine is a self cleaner, so I'm not sure how well this will really work. But I guess it's worth a shot to see if my machine is carrying extra build up.

This week is going to be a fun and exciting week of doing laundry! Yay!!!! <-sarcasm :P

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  1. I can help with this one! I promise to make laundry for you!