Friday, October 5, 2012

Laundry Room Renovation

When I first started my Pinterest Challenge and started going heavy on the re-pinning on Pinterest, I saw a beautiful laundry room. It was simple yet didn't look like a utility room. When we come home we come through the garage and the first room we enter is the laundry room. So I wanted it to feel a little more inviting and not like an extension to the garage.

Here is my Pinterest Inspiration for my laundry room:
This is what I was working with in my home:

My laundry room wasn't horrible, when we painted it a few years ago, it made a world of a difference. I still think it had that utility look, and mainly I blame that wire shelf. So we went for a new look in our laundry room thanks to Pinterest.
The cabinets were the big game changer in this room. We picked them up at Home Depot for $42.00 each, we bought 3. So the total for the cabinets were $126.00. Another addition is the shelf. I went on a world wide search to find shelves. After a long search they came out amazing and fairly inexpensive. 
The brackets are from Ikea. The end two brackets are 7 1/2" aluminum brackets for $10.00 and the middle one was a 7 1/2" aluminum connecter bracket for $5.00. The actual shelf was about $7.00 from Home Depot. It was the perfect length and perfect width, it just needed to be cut in half and painted. The Ikea brackets had a screw like piece underneath the brackets to adjust to the shelf thickness, so no need to buy Ikea shelves for $19.99 a pop (we would have needed two). So the total price for the shelf was about $22.00.

Now for the accessories on the shelf. The pots and fake grass are from Ikea. The pots were $0.79 each and the grass was $3.99 each. The glass jars and frames were also from Ikea. The glass jars were $3.99 each and the frames were a steal at $1.99 each. The clothespins in the jar were from Target all for $1.69. The pictures in the frames are actually scrapbook paper and that was $0.20 at Michaels.  The complete total for all the accessories was $23.41.

Another Pinterest Pin that I incorporated into the laundry room was actually the first Pin I ever pinned on Pinterest. Way before the birth of the Pinterest Challenge I pinned some Christmas Pins last year. The Pin is a picture frame, decorated, so you can give a dry erase To Do list as a gift. 
I always wanted to try this out. So I purchased a frame at Ikea for about $9.99 and put scrapbook paper as the backing (I bought two for $0.20 each) and now we have a function dry erase board on our way out the door.  Also the key rack is from Target and it was $6.99.
We did decide to upgrade our laundry hamper, it was from Target for a whopping $44.99. I thought that was crazy ridiculous. But it did look much better than the PVC hamper. And we added a drying rack since I lost the ability to hang up clothes. The only good thing about a wire rack. I can't seem to find the rack on Ikea's website, but it was $19.99. 
This project took about two weeks to complete. And the grand total was about $250.00. Not a cheap project but a definite Pinterest Success!

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  1. I do love the new look! It feels much like ours instead of the builder default!