Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week 10 Theme...

I made it to double digits! Week 10, pretty exciting stuff. I'm still going strong and having a great time trying out all the fun and new things I find on Pinterest. The only annoying thing is that all my conversations now-a-days start with, "So I saw [this and that] on Pinterest" or "There was something like this on Pinterest". And this is only after 10 weeks, I can only imagine my conversations after 26 weeks, or even 52. By the time I am finished with the Pinterest Challenge, I am going to be Conversation Challenged.

For this week I am going after a big Pinterest Pin. A renovation of my laundry room! I am going to show you my Pinterest Inspiration for taking my laundry room from drab to fab. I did complete this pin prior to this week, but I have been waiting to do the big Blog reveal.

Here are the before pictures:

Check back this week for the after pictures and some inexpensive decorating ideas that can be used in any room.

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