Saturday, August 25, 2012

All Natural Cleaning Products

Vinegar, vinegar, vinegar! Where have you been all my life?

I am not a granola person, I watch too much TV, I don't eat organic, and I use chemicals. But if there is one thing I am, it's cheap! I pinch pennies, I am frugal, and save money every second I can. This week in my DIY house tips and tricks I learned about cleaning with vinegar. I had no idea how efficient and effective it is, and on top of that vinegar is extremely cheap.

The first Pinterest pin I tried in my cleaning with vinegar tips was to clean a shower head. Just fill a baggie with vinegar, secure, leave for a few hours, then wipe clean.
The results to this pin were way better than expected. Our shower head had so much build up and I have tried multiple cleaning products to clean it. Nothing has really worked until I tried this pin. The results seriously speak for themselves. It is an extremely amazing difference. This wasn't just a Pinterest Success, this is a New-Outlook-On-Life Success, game changing, life changing!
After the surprising results of the shower head, I was super excited about trying the next Pinspiration. Creating an all purpose cleaning solution with vinegar.
To create the all purpose cleaning solution you combine equal parts water and vinegar (I went with one cup of each) and then you add in a few drops of essential oils (I did about 10 drops). I added an apple cinnamon oil, mainly because I already had it in the house. But really the possibilities are endless on the scents you could add. 
When using the solution the smell of vinegar is a little strong, but once it dries you are left with the scent of the oil. A very delightful after-smell. Again, vinegar left my world rocked. I cleaned my shower doors, sinks, and tubs; it got out the nasty soap scum film that only harsh chemicals usually remove. I also did my glass table, windows, and mirrors; it worked better than Windex does, and there were no streaks (as long as you dry it with a dry cloth). I cleaned bathrooms, the kitchen, surface tops in other rooms. It worked as good or better than many products that I usually use and at a fraction of the price AND no chemical residue left behind. I will probably never go back to a few products I have used and trusted for years. Again Pinterest Success!

Since vinegar is my new favorite thing, up there with duct tape and WD-40 for all you need in life, I tried one more Pinspiration this week. Cleaning smelly sponges by soaking them in 1/4 cup of vinegar and 3/4 cup of water overnight, then rinse. The pin is very uninspiring:
I tried to add a little more pizazz to my rendition of the pin. 
The results were as expected: staggering! My sponge smelled great. The pin also said it would disinfect it, but I can not confirm that because I did not swab my sponge, place the results in a petri dish, incubate the dish, then use a microscope to count the microorganisms. It however did do something a little unexpected, it made my sponge really soft. That was a pleasant surprise when I went to do the dishes. Another win for vinegar. 

This week's success with vinegar has made this whole pinterest challenge worth it. I might just need to walk away while I'm ahead. :P 

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  1. Love this idea! You can also infuse your vinegar w citrus peels and herbs like rosemary, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint for disinfecting properties as well. It's a 2-week long infusion process, though. I'm infusing some vinegar right now (on day 4). I've also heard that you can add some isopropyl alcohol or at least 80 proof vodka to your APC to make it dry faster. Thanks for the fabulous post!! :-)