Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Deep Hair Treatment

This week's theme has been based around hair. I tried a couple "homemade", all natural approaches to deep treating dry or damaged hair. My hair has always been a little on the dry side, so I thought these would be great pins to try.

My first Pinspiration was to try to deep condition with mayonnaise. The instructions were to use 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, lather throughout your hair, cover your head with plastic wrap, leave on for about 15 minutes or so, and wash and dry as usual for Beautiful Hair. Well...
First off, 1/2 cup of mayonnaise is a lot of mayonnaise. And lathering throughout your hair is just gross.  Here is what 1/2 cup of mayonnaise looks like in a normal (not photoshopped) person's hair. Pretty disgusting looking.
After I plastic wrapped my head, I realize maybe this was just a sick joke. My head smelt like a sandwich and then I was wrapping it to preserve it for lunch tomorrow. But still I continued this "treatment". Once my 15 minutes was up, I sprinted into the shower to get the mayonnaise off my head.  Even after two shampoos and a good conditioning, I could still smell the hint of mayo in my hair. Drying it didn't help the cause, as heating up my head just made the scent stronger. After all is said and done I don't think this deep hair treatment did much. My hair actually seemed a little dryer, and as I stated, I still smelt like a sandwich. So I don't recommend this pin. 

A few days later, I tried my second deep treatment Pinspiration and it sounded a little more promising by using coconut oil to treat your locks. The directions were to use a handful of coconut oil, lather throughout your hair, cover with a shower cap, and either apply heat for 15 minutes or go about your business for 30 minutes with the shower cap trapping your natural heat to heat up your head (I went with the latter, so I could do what every stay at home mom does all day and watch soap operas and eat bon-bons), and then wash and dry as usual for Soft Smooth Hair. Well...
With this treatment, everything was going great. The smell was phenomenal. My hair was a greasy mess, but I figured it would all just wash out, so no big deal. Or so I thought.
Once it was time to rinse out the coconut oil, I washed with my regular shampoo twice and it seemed like the shampoo was just rolling off my hair. I moved on to the conditioner and even that didn't seem to be sticking to my hair. I knew when I was globbing on the coconut oil and it had the consistency of Crisco, I should have probably not used so much. At this point, I thought maybe if I stop washing it and dry my hair it would be better. Nope. My hair wasn't even drying, the oil was locking in the moisture. All I could think to do now was to get back in the shower and wash my hair with Dawn dish washing soap, to cut the grease. After about five washings with Dawn I felt the slickness of the oil starting to dissipate. So I once again dried my hair and this time it actually dried and did look soft and smooth. I think this would have worked better with small amounts of coconut oil and not a handful like they suggested. 
Both pins for Deep Hair Treatment were definitely an experience. I would probably have to chalk this up as a Pinterest Fail.

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