Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Slip Grips

I have tried two handy Pinterest pins for around the house tricks this week. Both pins make you think, why didn't I think if that? While both pins seem great in theory, only one of them really worked.

The first Pinspiration is for all those pesky tank tops and shirts that are always falling off the hangers without special hooks built in. Just add a little hot glue to the ends of the hanger, let dry, and Ta-Da! No more clothes falling on the closet floor.
Here is my fancy rendition of the pin. This really was so easy and took about a minute per hanger, and I did a couple because the hangers worked so well when I tested it out. I have a few shirts and dresses that always fall off the hanger and the hot glue grip keeps them in place. This was a Pinterest Success.

The next DIY handy pin I tried was using acrylic-latex caulk on the bottom side of a rug to keep it from sliding around. 
I was really excited to try this pin because I have a few rugs that move around a lot and I'm too cheap to buy the rug-gripper-thingys (this is the technical name). But to my dismay this Pin was a fail. I had a test rug and I did the vertical lines every 2-inches, let dry and it slid more on my tile than it did before I used the caulk. I also tried diagonal lines on a rug that slid everywhere and again, no luck. 
I would have had more luck with this pin if I would have just caulked my rug to the floor, as apposed to letting it dry. Maybe you have to have special floors for this pin to work. Until I have those fancy floors, I am going to chalk this up as a Pinterest Fail. 

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  1. And you thought I was crazy for wanting to just caulk them to the floor!