Friday, August 10, 2012

Beach Waves (without the beach)

My final post for this week's theme of hair is how to get Beach Waves without having to travel to the beach. Living in Florida, that drive isn't too long, but sometimes you just want the look without all the baggage.

The first Pinterest pin I tried to get beachy waves was, this pin:
This pin was super easy and very fast to do. The directions are to split your hair into two sections and braid each section. I actually split my hair into two section and then each section I split into another two sections. For a total of four sections. Then you twist the braid away from your face, and twist the flat iron around each braid twice. Once it is cooled, undo the braids and run your finger through your hair to let out the braid. And tada, beachy waves...

The next Pinterest pin I tried was to create a sea spray concoction:
First off, this mixture smelt amazing. You use sea salt and coconut oil, so the smell really reminded me of the beach. I really love this mixture and what it did for my hair, my only problem was I had a really hard time with my spray bottle. I guess my dollar store spray bottle was no match for salt water and coconut oil. I had to clean out the hose and nozzle every 5 sprays, so that got pretty annoying. I might try to make this again once I find a heavier duty spray bottle. This is the result from the sea spray and determination...

These two Pinterest pins were my favorite this week. It didn't require me to shampoo with Dawn, smell like a sandwich, or try an up-do 5 times. I will definitely be using these Pinspirations in the future. 

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  1. I prefer the results of the sea spray stuff vs the flatiron waves. Just looks more natural vs messy. You have such pretty hair!!