Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy Hair Pin Ups

For this week's theme of hair, I tried my luck with a few hair pin ups. The Pinterest pins I tried were very straight forward and showed a step-by-step guide to how to achieve the great look.

My first pin up Pinspiration this week, was for this fabulous up-do:
When I first tried this pin I did not read the directions very good. I braided three braids in each section and then braided them together. Making 12 complete braids in my hair; my arms were so tired. I did not realize that I was suppose to just braid one small braid in each section, then braid the rest of the section together. I also did not realize I was suppose to take out the hair ties on each end. So this is what you get when you don't read directions. A lopsided Princess Leia look, priceless. 
But when you actually read the directions, the pin up is fairly easy and much quicker then my first attempt. I think with a little more practice this could look even better. (I added an Instagram filter to spice it up a bit.)

My second Pinspiration, is for this cute "hair bow" in your hair:
I absolutely love this look and it looks so easy to do. I think if you did it to someone else's hair it would have come out a little better than my attempt. It's really hard to work on your own hair without a mirror for every step. This picture is from my fourth try at it. Also in the Pinterest Pin, she uses 3 bobby pins, I have about 30 holding my bow together, and there is still hair sticking out everywhere. 
I think my hair pin ups came out OK, so I would say this was a Pinterest Success. 

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