Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cars themed Birthday Food

For our Cars themed birthday food, most of the food and drinks that we provided were toddler/kid friendly. So basically we had macaroni and cheese and hotdogs. We did add a little fun to the presentation of our Cars food. 

Inspired by this Pinterest Pin. We borrowed a couple of the table tent names, but we came up with a few gems of our own.
Here is the food and fun from our big Cars birthday bash...
Mack's Cheese
Dinoco Dogs
Mater's Taters
Chick's Mix
Sarge's Sandwiches
Doc's Fruit
The little cars in Doc's Fruit was inspired from this pinterest Pin. We just used an apple slicer and sliced grapes in half, then used a toothpick to adhere the grapes to the apple.

Our beverage center had a little inspiration from the first pin's blog. But there was some non-Pinterest inspiration too. 
Flo's V8 Cafe
Motor Oil
Stock Room at Flo's
Printed Water Bottle Labels
Lastly we have the desserts. I am going to save revealing the cake until my next post, but we did have a few other tasty treats that were inspired from the first Pinterest pin. 
Luigi's Casa Della Tires
Sheriff's Stop Lights
Pinterest gave me some great ideas for an epic Cars birthday bash, without it being too generic. So we have yet another Pinterest Success.


  1. What font did you use to make your labels..PLease tell

  2. Thank you so much! I used Magneto and Magneto Italic. I used Gimp (a open source, free image manipulated program; simpler to photoshop) and that program only had Magneto, that is what I used for all the table signs. But for the thank you cookies, I used power point and that had Magneto Italic. The font for the movie Cars was Magneto Italic.