Saturday, September 1, 2012

Watermark T-Shirt

The final pin I tried this week was one for my little Disney lover. I found a great Pinsparation for making watermark T-shirts, so I though I would try my luck with a famous mouse for my toddler.

The original pin that caught my eye was a T-shirt with watermark quotes:
The pin links you to the tutorial for creating the T-shirt: Watermark Tee Tutorial. The tutorial is really easy to follow.

Watermark Tee:

- White T-shirt
- Blue Elmer's Glue
- Clothing Dye

- The first step is to prewash\rinse the fabric. You will want to add the design on the Tee while it is damp. 

- For my design, I printed out a coloring book page from online of Mickey Mouse to transfer onto the T-shirt. There are many possibilities to choose from. Just use google images and search for coloring book pages for any character you want, or you can freehand any design. I also taped Mickey to a piece of cardboard and covered it with plastic wrap (so the damp shirt didn't ruin the design).
- Next you trace the outline or sketch the image you want on the T-shirt with Elmer's glue. Make sure you use the blue Elmer's glue; the tutorial stated that any other glue would NOT work. 
- Make sure the T-shirt is completely dry before you continue to the next step. I set mine out in the sun on a very hot day for about an hour. 

- Once the shirt is dry, it's time to dye it. Follow the directions on the dye box. Mine was to use one dye package for every 3 gallons. Since I used only about one gallon of water, I only used about 1/3 the package of dye. I mixed the dye mix with hot water, then added the shirt in the mix for 30 minutes. Stirring it every 10 minutes. Be sure to use protective gloves, and wear clothes that can get ruined if your dye splashes on you. 
- Last you rinse it in hot water until all the dye seems to be out, then rinse it in cold water. I just ran it through the washing machine, to make sure I got all the dye out. I obviously didn't wash anything else with it, or everything would have been red. 

- Once it is all rinsed, it's time to dry, then enjoy. 

I think mine came out OK, I think if I would have made the image a little bigger it would be a little clearer. I also think if I used a toothpick to even out the lines, there wouldn't have been so many "chunky" lines. I also probably should have used the entire package of dye so my toddler boy doesn't have to wear the color Salmon. Real men wear pink, Right?

I am going to call this one a Pinterest Success, just because I think the idea is amazing. I couldn't believe it worked so well. I blame myself for not having good tracing skillz. I always had a hard time staying in the lines. 

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