Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cozy Cones

Party planning and execution have been in full force this week. We are very excited about the big toddler Cars bash this weekend. Between my ideas and Pinterest, we have come up with some pretty fun decorations and activities for the party. This next Pinspiration was both a marriage between decoration and activity.

We needed a good center piece for our coffee table, but with an abundance of children coming to the party we had to make sure it was very kid friendly. So why not have a functional decorations?

The Pinterest Pin that inspired this decorations was for Cozy Cones:
The tutorial for the pin is at this website: Pick Me. I did mine a little differently. I wanted the cones to be "functional", so kids could drive their cars in and out of them.
I found the same cones at Walmart for $3.50 per four pack. The tutorial says to stack and offset two cones because of the slits on the sides. I just used orange construction paper so that I didn't waste a cone. I also cut a "garage door" out and hot glued that plastic piece to the inside of the cone. Then that glued plastic piece was my support for the foam awning.

Here is a top view of the Cozy Cones...
And here is a close up of Sally and McQueen getting Cozy at the Cones :P...
This was another Pinterest Success and a great addition to the big Cars bash!

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