Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cars themed Decorations

Our Cars themed birthday bash was a huge success. But it wouldn't have been very festive with out all the decorations. Pinterest was a huge inspirations for a lot of the birthday decorations.

The main Pinspiration for my food table came from this amazing pin: See more here
I made a table runner similar to the one in the Pin, I also put a tire on the table (instead of hubcaps). And I used the pendant idea, but I put Xander's Pit Stop in the pendants. But overall a huge inspiration to my food table.
The balloons on the wall are not filled with helium, they are instead taped to the wall. I saw this idea on Pinterest, but I never pinned it. And once you lose a pin on Pinterest, it is most likely gone forever. 

Another cute idea on Pinterest that I recreated was this Pin:
Only we use our garage too frequently, so I opted for a safer place to put a giant two. I put it as a backdrop to our dessert table. 

One other Pinspiration that we used in creating the decorations, was to thread blown up balloons and hang them. I love any decoration idea with balloons because they are so inexpensive. 
Here is our version, with some streamers on the sides of the entertainment center bookshelves.

While these Pinterest Successes were a great addition to the party decorations, I did come up with a couple ideas myself. For the front door I had a sign that said "Racer's Welcome" and added the left over safety cones. I also put up pendents on all the big windows in the house, and filled a few balloons with helium. For the gift table I had a banner that said "Happy Birthday Xander", and some balloons.

One last decoration, that was absolutely one of my favorite decorations, was the tire painted to say "Xander's 2nd Birthday". This is was the first decoration saw by the guess, and let them know they were at the right place. Thanks to my friends at Ranger Tire Paint, this decoration came out amazing!

 The Cars party was such a huge success and the decorations came out magnificent, thanks to Pinterest!

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